Monday, December 05, 2005

Leaving Las Hell Hole

Hello All,
I apoligize for such a long absence on the WWW, my job has kept me more than busy wrapping up our government sponsered vacation to Asscrackistan. I am eagerly looking forward to my exdous from my exile in this sandy hell which I have temporaily resided in. To date I have been mainly working on awards for our troops here, we have handed out Army Commendations by the truckloads, Meritorious Service Medals Purple Hearts and the coveted Bronze Stars. Not to mention the newly desinged Combat Action Badge. Then there are the five "I was in Iraq" awards which will make everyone here have a bigger Christmas Tree ( Awards worn on the Class A uniform) than most General Officers in the Military today.

It has been an experience, one that I will relish in putting behind me!!! I am more than ready to get back to life and pick up the pieces. My Beautiful Wife has faithfully stood by my doofus self through out this entire rotation and has endured more hell than even I have had to deal with. I am truly blessed with a wonderful Wife and Friend. And of course I cannot wait to wrestle with my boys and just have fun with them.

Well my comprades, soon I fly and hopefully have a very controlled landing in the great United States of America soon and will be able to enjoy the fruits of fast food resturants and the hordes of people doing their last minute Christmas Shopping!! Oh, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone if in case I am unable to blog in the near future until I can return to a online connection. And if you are a liberal, KMA!!! I will start spouting off against the liberal left as soon as I can ease back into society.

Until then,


Sweetheart, you are the greatest gift I could ever recieve.
Love you
Hello from Hell