Friday, March 04, 2005

The Camera Dilemma now I have purchased a camera, and there is absoutley nothing to snap a pic of. Before there were sunsets and aircraft, a plethora of opportunities.

It is raining, the drops pelt the metal roof of my office and slowly ...........zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh oh ah sorry. Anywho, just another exciting day in the world of administration.

Our PX got restocked the other day, more of stuff that I do not need. The local nationals' shop has nothing I need either. Oh, I did get some Dr. Peppers. Amazing the little things you miss when your gone.

Speaking of missing, Shelle sent me this email. Appearantly it was from a formatted story email service. You know, type your name here and their name here and a story is made. I cannot tell you of the story but if you search the web I am sure you can find one if you have a frustrated soldier somewhere.

Ah well, I will take no more of your time or bytes. Take care all and have a great day..

Mom, happy birthday (Everyone thinks she is my sister when were in Town!)

Sweethart...your in trouble...Good trouble...

Love you
Hello from Hell