Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone,

My beautiful wife Shelle is now pregnant (and yes it is mine!!!), we thought we would have to wait a while and possibly have to use medical science to concieve but it only took one night. We pretty much got it on the first try, Literally!!!

We went to the Doc today and got to see the baby for the first time. I will try and post the pics. It was really cool, beside the ultrasound (you know, the grainy little pics that look like something from bad TV reception) they did some 3D shots. They are really cool!! Once Shelle saw those she had no want to start smoking again. So far she has done great since she found out she was pregnant and stopped smoking. I have gone from a pack and a half a day to about 5 to 7 cigs a day. Hoepfully soon I can quit. I dont smoke in the house anymore so it can be a pian to have to go outside and smoke (hope that helps me quit quicker).

We have pretty much resolved not to find out the sex, but myself and most everyone is in agreement that it will be a girl. When we took the pics they let us hear the heartbeat and it was at 162 BPM, not exactly proof it is a girl but more than likely.

I have been giddy in my own way but coming home from Iraq and getting back in the groove it will take a little while for everyone to see it.

It has been a little weird getting used to being back home, it sure is a lot nicer to be able to be in bed and not have to go outside to a porta john or shower with a few hundred other people to take care of business. Nice having a fridge too.

Not much more to say for now. Have to get back to work next week, ready for things to get normal for me soon. May have to plant some IEDs outside on the road to really make it feel like home.

Take care everyone!!!!

I have added HaloScan if you are wondering why all the past comments are gone. I hated doing it because a lot of readers left some really great post while I was overseas and I really appreicate them but I had a lot of problems getting rid of spam and did not want anyone coming to my site and getting misdirected.

Again, thank you everyone who commented and supported me and my family while I was gone. It is people like you why I will fight for this country.

Thank you
Hello from Hell