Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Long Time Gone

Hello All,
Sorry that it has been ages since I last posted. It has been a mix of busy days and just plain aggraviating days! Things are slowing down somewhat but that does not mean it gets easier. We are about at the halfway point and it is starting to show. People get agitated really easy and tempers flare. We have been sending personnel on leave, which is great until you have to come back. I will not see leave until possibily August. I was originally slated for October but then realized that it is going to be so busy that I cannot be gone at that time. I am ready for a break, I have not left this FOB in almost two months. Person can go a little stir crazy!!!
We have had a few sandstorms, enough to blot out the sun for a little while. But we have not had storms like some of the other areas. I have seen pictures and video of walls of dirt smashing into camps, day turn to night and everything buried under airborne sand. And the heat is upon us, the temperature has consistently hit about 110 F. and it is just going to get hotter. One of the locals told us it got to 140 f. about six years ago. Hey, can help save on electricity for cooking!!!
Recently we had internet installed in our tents. Now before you go saying "The government is taking care of those boys", understand we paid for it. About 30 of us went in and purchased a system, it is better than nothing but can be extremely slow. I have been able to talk to omy wife and boys, and a few other family members via Instant Messenger. My beautiful wife sent me a webcam so we can all see each other, which is great. helps to reconnect to the world back home.
Now your saying, You have internet why have'nt you blogged. My computer (and quite a few others) have decided to go on strike recently. My harddrive is on its last legs (just bought the computer in October of last year) and several others are petering out with some of the same symptoms. Colleys motherboard has completely gone out so he had to order a new computer. I have a harddrive on the way so then hopefully I can get back to blogging and more once I get my laptop dependable, and faster!!!
The new "Combat Action Badge" has now come out. If you have followed the controversy over this badge, it is supposed to be kinda like the Combat Infantrymans Badge which you have to be in contact with the enemy and in action (that means getting shot at). According to the criteria for the CAB we are allowed to recieve this badge. We have been mortared and rocketed over 60 plus times so we are considered in contact with the enemy (indirectly). I know we will probably never hear the end of the controversy over this badge but I will definately wear mine after enduring rocket attacks, mortars, small arms fire and IED's. Even though I am a "FOBBIT" bullets and explosives do not distinguish between us and groundpounders!
I must return back to work. Hope to be able to post some pics of us and also show you the reason you do not swim in the canals here. Also, looking into putting up a webpage of pics of some of the more gruesome aspects we have encountered here. Dont know if I will be am pondering the idea. Maybe something I do once I return home.

Thank you everyone for your support and may you all be blessed.

Hello from Hell