Friday, March 18, 2005

What the Shizzle?

Hello All,

Sorry so long since last post. Just another exciting day here at our little piece of paradise.
Received an email from my beautiful wife today, her Uncle who is a civilian with the Corp. of Engineers will soon be at Camp Victory. That’s about 40 miles north as the crow flies. Some of our guys make regular runs there, so I am going to get my butt in a seat and see what family I can.
Been pretty peaceful lately, rain, then mud and no electricity. The water is receding and the power is on now.
Last night we got another great dinner of lobster, crab legs, steak and shrimp. Going to get fat if I don’t watch it!!
Leaving chow tonight, the moon was out casting a ghostly glow about, fuzzy little clouds blanketing the stars. Get to my tent and smoke a square with the guys and head back to the office. Walk out of the Alaskan barriers on my way to work…BOOOOM…oh crap. Get down, screw that… to the bunker. Get inside the Alaskans….BOOOOOM. Make it to the bunker, everyone is cramming in like sardines in a can….BOOOM..BOOOM…….BOOM.

Ok quiet….BOOM…BOOOM………..BOOOM. And we wait. Eight rounds in all. Everyone’s ok, “Did you feel that?” Rocks or shrapnel from the rounds had flown over the Alaskans and peppered some guys outside. Nothing harmful, just like picking up a handful of rocks and gently tossing them. As we take accountability…BOOOOOOM…..BOOOOOM, Outgoing, mortars fire for effect. BOOOM…BOOOM. See the mortars burp firelight off the sky as they fire, the concussion beats into your chest, the round streaking angrily overhead. About 10 seconds later the horizon brightens, artificial sunlight spits away in the distance. About 15 minutes and the air stirs with the sounds of turbines coming to life. An angry monster sucking in air hungrily to come to life. You can just hear the blades as they chop through the air, trying to find grip as they continually gain speed. Then you hear the unmistakeable liftoff, the hunt begins. Angrily the beast lumber into the sky looking for the unlucky victims that have incurred their wrath. Woe is to the straggler who lingers too long.
As the minutes tick by the conversation turns to movies and games the guys were playing. Some are laughing about being caught while in the shower having to flee in nothing but a towel. Then a muffled voice comes over the loudspeaker… ALL CLEAR…ALL CLEAR.
And here I am, another day closer to home.
Work is my friend; it keeps me busy to hasten the end of the day. Some nights I end about eight, some two or three in the morning. Sometimes you cannot stop working when you’re on a roll. It passes the time.
A few of us are trying to get an MWR tent set up. We have the tent just need to clean it out and get some supplies. Hope to set up some computers for those who wish to continue their education or just earn some credit to help with promotions later. All in all, just something to keep busy. Idle hand and mind are the devils workshop.
Amazing, as many rounds as we take in this country everyday, the toll of injured or causalities toll little more in months than that of large cities in the US in a day or week.

oH, and my last post. Thanks for the comments. They were great, love to get people thinking.

Stay busy and keep safe!!


Love you babe, get Chan well and I will be calling home soon.

Hello from Hell