Sunday, March 20, 2005

Palm Sunday

An absoutley beautiful day that will turn into a hot but semi comfortable afternoon. Interesting to be close to the Holy Lands on the day we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.
I get to thinking of how close I am to Babylon and what religous and world altering events took place in that great city. Some of the oldest carvings are there, one of the worlds first alphabets and beginning of keeping historical records. The place where God destroyed the temple man built to be gods themselves.
Just all the history that surrounds this place. Alexander the Great triumphed here, then marched on to Indo-China and into the areas of Siberia and Mongolia.
I only wish I were allowed to see more and that the people here understood the land they live in and how it helped to change the world.
How many times in History or Geography did you learn or read about Mesopatamia, and here I am in the cradel of civilization. Nevermind the mortar shelling and trying to bring something to help people who are completely unaware of the benifits. Just being here is life changing.
Ohh-I did not tell all of my experience one evening coming back to the office from chow. Now to stave off the thoughts that I am crazy (well I did sign up for this), for years I have watched the skies. Stars, planets and whatever exist out there always fascinated me. I have studied aircraft and aerodynamics and what it takes to fly and the limitations imposed on the technology we have. I always keep an open mind and just don't jump to conclusion.
So, there I was, Anton and I were walking behind some other soldiers from chow back to the office. I saw one of the soldiers look up and point. I looked skyward and just happened to notice a dim blue light with a blue halo around it. It was traveling from east to west at a high rate of speed. I thought at first it could be a small radio controlled aircraft we use with a chem light attached. That was until I saw the object take a ninety degree turn and shoot off then another ninety degree turn and pretty much disappear.
Anton and I went into the office talking of this and trying to find a plausable explanation. Soon we left and were still discussing this phenomonon. During our discussion I pointed to the belt of Orion and just happened to see a bright oblong shape that traveled in the same direction of the last object, as it traveled it became dimmer. Now this could have easily been a meteorite.
Anton at this time is just telling me"I didn'nt see a thing, I did'nt see a thing", you know, plausable denability. As we turn to walk toward our tents another object streaks from our left to right at a high rate of speed, could be another meteorite.
As for the first object, who knows. Lets just say that Gods reach is incrediable and nothing is impossible!!

Happy Easter all!!

P.S. There were not reported incidents of abductions or anal probes (Oh that was bad)

Have a great day my Beautiful wife, get Chan better. I Love You.
Hello from Hell