Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Been a while since my last post, been a busy week. Weather is getting hotter. Not so bad right now but I have been told that the summers are comparable to turning your oven to 140, then after it has heated up open it and stand close. It is very dry right now, seems the rainy season has ended. So that means that we have to be very careful around our buildings about fire. Smokers are required to keep 50 feet away from wood or fabric structures, which only makes sense.
Work has been pretty good, and steady. Of course you can never catch up. What you did last year someone found you did not dot an i so therefore you have to redo the entire document.
As for my personal time, I have not taken much time on my HTML. The heat sort of kicks you in the hind end and tires you out pretty quick, regardless if you’re inside or out. I have started going to the gym recently. For the few times I have been it has made me feel better and helped out some with dealing with the heat. I hope to be in really good shape before I get home, 1. for the wife and 2. so I can do really good on my next PT.
I have received an abundance of packages in the mail recently. My beautiful wife sent me a pillow so I don’t have to rest my head on the cotton ball I was using. She also sent me loads of food and snacks and an official” I Hate sand and Camels” T-Shirt. I hope to have a link on this blog soon so that your too can order your official anti-desert propaganda walking billboard. My father in law sent me a good little stash of elk and buffalo jerky made close to where they live in Montana ( I gotta move there!!). I also received a package from them with girl scout cookies (my wife also sent some too,,, thank you!!!!!) sweets, a rubber spider (Oh am I gonna have fun), and Bag Balm.
Bag Balm? What is that you say? Hmm, well let’s see. Ever had a problem with your feet getting dry and cracking, corns or calluses? My beautiful wife introduced me to this wonderful concoction shortly after we began dating. It is a petroleum based product that you simply salve up your feet with and start rubbing it in. Soon (if you have dry calloused feet) it will feel like sand between your hand and foot (this is the dry skin coming off). The more you rub over the hard areas it will take away the calluses and get to the soft skin, It also will put some moisture in your dermal layer (Oohh...I’m using big words now) and after repeated use it will make your feet soft and supple.
So, thinking you could use some? Where can you pick up some of this wonderful product? Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sams, Dollar General…..Nope Nope Nope and Nope!!!
This wonderful product come to you via your local Co-op. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this product is available at your local feed and seed. You see, this is a cow teat ointment to keep utters from getting dry and cracking from milking or the use of a milking machine. Never thunk it huh? One of the many tricks that my wife learned from her mother (that’s right. the Mother-In-Law). I came out pretty good on my marriage I would say!
Well I have spouted enough off, time to get back into the game and see about going to get a tan (which is illegal for us here). Oh well, at least we still have our Blogs…for now!



Friday, April 01, 2005

HTML part 2

OK, well, if you have read my blog in the last few days you might have noticed that it was a little messed up. This totally scared me when I saw it. Not just that it was messed up but the fact that it messed up after I blogged about doing some changes to my blog. You know, honey I fixed the car then while going to town the engine blows up. Does not look good.

Well, not only is the blog messed up. I find out that the Daily Journal (local hometown newspaper) had linked to my blog. Ok, bad gets worse. So here I go on an extrmely slow server speed (talk about pre dial up), trying to get my blog back up and right. Ok, check the blog code against the source code for the page template, No problem. Look through the changes I made, have someone who knows what they are doing look at it, no problem.

So, I have spent two days looking and no conclusion. Then, a moment of inisight flashes across my mind (actually I figured it out after I deleted a blog). The whole problem was the title of the last blog (which has been deleted). I titled it "HTML" but it was in code. Therefore the computer was reading it as source code for the page and screwed up everyting. Now it is fixed..for the moment.

If you are using Mozilla you may need a javascript plug in if you cannot see the clock or just use IE (ugh).

Disaster averted, onward with my studies.

Other than that it has been a quiet few days. We did have a few Soldiers injured, we found the articles in the papers within a day. Does not take long for the news to get out. I do my best to be careful of what I blog here. So if I seem vague or don't blog of anything of significance until a later time, it is in the interest of the safety and security of the Soldiers here and their families back home.

Now I did get a really great surprise today. My Beautiful wife sent me some pictures today. They were great, makes me really miss home!!! (Bad) ")

Oh well, off again into another day gone. Soon the road ahead will be behind us and the reunion home will be so much the sweeter.

Hey Bautiful,
Thank you for the gift, I will keep it with me always.
Love You XOXO
Hello from Hell