Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Steak, Shrimp, Lobster and Red Bull

Yep, thats right...(Something must be up!?). The cow was a little chewy, shrimp ok and Lobster was pretty good, no hot butter though. I think it was monthly birthday day. It was called "The Bubba-Q", they even had a big screen TV in the Eagles Nest (Fortified mortar proof dining hall) playing "Black Hawk Down". Read the book but never watched the movie.
All in all a pretty uneventful day. Tried like crazy to get email to State so I could wrap up some long standing issues but have yet to recieve a response.
We just finished placing triple strand concetina wire around the perimeter of the FOB, so now the kids cant get to the dump. Got a little taste of outside the area though. I met a young man named Ali, who woulda thunk it. He was a nice kid though, about early twentys and about 5'9" tall. He spoke broken english but I was imipressed nonetheless. He kept saying "Marines bad, Army good", probably because we don't shoot at them constantly. Winning the hearts and minds of the people, maybe help quell the insurgency and get us home sooner!?
It almost seems like the Southern coastline, almost. Briney water, palm trees and cat-tail reeds. The ground is almost like red clay just paler, and when it gets wet it sticks to everyting. Your feet weigh about forty pounds each when you decide you have to scrape off the mud to walk. Good areobic exercise though!!
Slowly we turn this little taste of hell into a more livable habitat, even for military purposes. Right now we are mainly upgrading barriers and hope to see a contract with KBR (Brown and Root) to build some new living structures. The tents are'nt too bad but I am tired of living like a refugee.
Oh, and the dust, it permeates everyting. It's like sweeping a dirt floor, you cant get the dirt out. You constantly have to clean any electronic equipment if you want to keep it working, canned air is my best friend!! Thankfully we have not had any bad wind storms, but with the spring coming I expect a few.
Nothing more to report today Commander, maybe have some tantalizing tid-bits for you in the up and coming days?!

Until then,

Love you lots babe, hope to call you very soon

Love you
Hello from Hell