Saturday, February 26, 2005

Need more caffeine

Another day has passed and I was actually able to get some work done.

First off I wish to thank everyone who has commented on my post, I enjoy reading each and every comment. I wish I had more time on the internet to respond to each and everyone. Unfortunately our service is not able to handle the load it absorbs.

last night I called home and spoke with Shelle, or tried to. The satellite phone system we use did not allow Shelle to hear half of my conversation. I could hear her fine but she was unable to make out most of my end of the conversation. I will try calling home again soon Babe once the phones get better, promise.xoxo

Anton started up his blog today,
The URL comes from T-shirts that some of the guys are recieving here from home. Sher, he did it so be proud of that little bald guy!!:)

Anton is trying to quit smoking, Cold Turkey. He has not been feeling very good either.There may be some fratricide here soon if he does not get over
the want for a square.

Another day down and another to go, will talk to everyone again soon.
Hello from Hell