Sunday, February 20, 2005


Here we are again, The cool nights of the desert have whipped up and its time to blog.

The weather here is changing , everyday it gets a little warmer. It is about like a cool spring day. Soon enough it will turn into a scorching wasteland. Our location is between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers so it is pretty much a desert swamp. I heard the frogs croaking last night and it has been overcast so I am expecting rain.

Things have been pretty quiet, mainly were upgrading defenses and trying to make the FOB more livable. We are living in tents with AC and heat (The ones that work), and work out of either pre-existing structures or metal buildings. It looks like stonhenge here with the tall Alaskan barriers (about 15-20 foot tall concrete walls) that surround our living and working areas. maybe soon I can post some pictures of Club Iraq so you can see our up and coming desert resort. Reservations can be made for a small fee.

Shelle sent me several packages, of which I have recieved one today. She packed it with sweets, a dual time watch, silly string and a nerf dart gun. God I love my wife, and she's beautiful too. Never could figure out what she sees in me, but I am a lucky man to have her. And if any of you guys have any ideas, I can be anywhere at anytime and claim post traumatic stress syndrome ').

She has been great at writing me too, which I am terrible at. I try to write when I can but email is so much more efficent. But I know the written word means a lot to her so I continue my scribbling for her love.

Another day comes to a close and another day awaits, closer to home every minute.

Take care all

I love you Babe!!XOXOXOX


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