Sunday, February 20, 2005

Change Cometh

Hello all, and welcome to my first attempt at Blogging. My beautiful wife got into this and I thought this a great way to let others know what goes on (somewhat) in our military (United States that is) and our strive to give a people freedoms that they probaly never knew existed!!
I came to my FOB (Foward Operating Base) in Iraq about two weeks ago. I will try to let you know what we do and go through, but there are security issues so I may be a little secretive about things (such as our FOB name and where we are). It may seem petty but any info the enemy gets they will use and I will not be the cause of my brothers and sisters in arms getting killed.
We took over our FOB from the U.S. Marines, an outstanding military organization. I serve with the Mississippi Army National Guard. This is our first big deploynment since the Persian Gulf war in 1991.
I volunteered for a deployment in 2001 to go to Bosnia-Herzegovnia which actually helped me ease into this one. Bosnia was heaven though. Peacekeeping missions are cake. FOB's are great and attacks are few if any at all.
Here we patrol local villages and keep guard on a local power comapny, along with many other missions. The men and women are upstanding citizens who take pride in what they do and are proud of their service and the United States of America. A lot of people think of the Guard as weekend warriors, and to a point we are. But we are great weekend warriors. My Brigade has distingusihed its self several times at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, CA. and exercises with the regular Army. These Soldiers lead ordinary lives with careers, jobs, families and friends, but they give up their weekends and summer vacations to train, and train hard to help in any way they can to protect freedom or help out their fellow man.
As time goes by I hope to give you a look at a Soldiers life from their work, family and friends.
As I said before, my beautiful and talented wife introduced me to Blogging, her site is she is my support and greatest lover and friend I could ever have.

Until I blog again,

later mano

Scott Melton

Love you Babe!!!xoxoxoxo ')
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